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Color Terms in Interior Design | Decorating Files | #colorterms #color #colorindesign #interiordecorating

Color Terms in Interior Design

Not too long ago I was shopping with a friend and happened to mention something about how the various tones of color were used in a particular display. She asked me what the difference was between a … [Read More...]

Amelia Earhart | Decorating Files | #ameliaearhart #history #vintage #inspiration

In Quotes: Week of 10•14•14

Pictured: Amelia Earhart after becoming the first woman to make a solo nonstop transcontinental flight across the United States, August 24–25, 1932. Via Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. … [Read More...]

New Look, New Ideas | Decorating Files | #audreyhepburn #breakfastattiffanys

New Look, New Ideas

I have some very exciting announcements about the Decorating Files that I have been anxious to share with you all. You have probably already noticed one of them by now. The blog has been given a … [Read More...]

Color Crush: Pop of Yellow

Color Crush: Pop of Yellow

No matter what time of year it is, a burst of sunshine is always welcome. And there aren't many colors that say "sunny" better than yellow.  Yellow is considered the most happy color in the … [Read More...]