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Hotel Tour: J.K. Place, Capri

Like many of us, I have a long list of places I dream of traveling to, but my bank account doesn't always play along. That's when I let my fingers do the walking. Italy is one of the places at the top … [Read More...]

Things To Do In February | | #thingstodoinfebruary #february #valentinesday #presidentsday

Things To Do In February

The year is moving along at a brisk pace and we're knee deep in February already. And with the new month comes another Things To Do feature! As you all know, this month will zip by faster than all the … [Read More...]


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

If you're one of the people who enjoys the unfettered show of affection of Valentine's Day, then gifts are probably on your mind. Sometimes, the perfect gift for someone is staring you right in the … [Read More...]

25 Super Bowl Party Ideas | Decorating Files | #superbowlpartyideas #superbowlparty #entertaining

25 Super Bowl Party Ideas

I love planning parties - especially themed parties like Super Bowl Parties. With that big football event right around the corner, I thought, "Ooh, blog post!" The plan was to share a few projects … [Read More...]