15 Home Decor Items Under $20

One of my favorite four-letter words is SALE; though, it’s not necessarily the one I use the most often. When I’m out specifically looking for bargains, I can be a bit of a cheapskate. I love to find home accessory items on sale for under $20. For some reason that seems to be the magic number. At this time of year, you can find lots of sales going on. I thought it would be fun to see what’s for sale at some of the popular home decor stores. So I went bargain hunting at Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, ZGallerie, West Elm and Pier 1. My goal was to find 3 items from each store that were on sale for $20 or less. I’ve listed the sale price first, followed by the original price after the slash mark.



Anthropologie Home Decor Under $20

Left: Monocle Hook $9.95/$20
Center: Vinhais Garden Pot $14.95/$32
Right: Faux Bois Jug $19.95/$38

Pottery Barn


Pottery Barn Home Decor Under $20

Left: Homescent Collection – Caspian Sea $15.99/$25.50
Center: Nautical Door Knocker $19.99/$79
Right: Grapevine Egg Basket $12.99/$34



ZGallerie Home Decor Under $20

Left: Quadrangle Hurricane $19.99/ $24.95
Center: Vendome Pillar Holder – Pearl $18.89/$37.95
Right: Zig Zag Jewelry Box – Black $19.99/$27.95

West Elm


West Elm Home Decor Under $20

Left: Clinton Friedman Protea Pillow Cover $19.99/$44
Center: Turned Metal Pillar $12.99/$29
Right: Favorite Throw $19.99/$29

Pier 1


Pier 1 Home Decor Under $20

Left: Festive Stripe Cordial Glasses with Tray $12.98/$39.95
Center: Wool Boucle & Beads Pillow $9.98/$34.95
Right: Patina Cookbook Holder $11.98/$24.95

I feel so elated when I’m looking for something and find it on sale at a great price. What’s one of the best bargains you’ve ever purchased?


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9 Responses to 15 Home Decor Items Under $20

  1. melanie says:

    Love a good sale too!! love that Pottery Barn egg basket, so pretty!!

  2. melanie says:

    Wait, that cookbook holder from Pier 1 looks good too! Great price too!

  3. Oh i love them all!!! especially the nautical door knocker and the monocle hook! gr8 bargains!

  4. myrna says:

    GREAT post Peggy! Love a bargain!

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