28 Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

It seems like we never have enough storage. And having a place for everything is key when it comes to organization. The two rooms in my house that always seem to need more places to put things are the kitchen and the bathroom. Last week I shared with you some stylish kitchen storage solutions. Today I’ve got 28 — count ’em! — 28 fabulous ways for you to store all your bathroom stuff! I know it’s a lot, but you’ll be glad that I included them all. The over-the-toilet cabinet isn’t the only solution. Here are some very creative bathroom storage ideas that you can use to organize all your toiletries, towels, toilet paper and such. Many of them make fantastic DIY projects!

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Bathroom Storage Ideas


Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas for Cabinets

1. Install extra shelves on the inside of cabinet doors.

2. Use roll-out shelving for easily accessible storage.

3. Assign everyone their own basket.

4. Use drawer dividers to keep things organized.

5. A lazy Susan allows you to store more things in a smaller area and gives you easy access.

6. Label plastic drawer units to keep bathroom cleaning supplies organized. These are freezer storage drawers.



Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas Baskets and Bins

7. Plastic ties are used to hang baskets from metal bars usually used for kitchen tools.

8. A hook and a colorful bucket are a cute way to corral shaving tools or kid’s items.

9. Hang an old toolbox from a couple of coat hooks for quick storage.

10. Stacked crates are a great place to store towels and toilet paper.

11. 3-tiered hanging fruit baskets make it easy to drain items used in the tub.

12. Wire together 3 baskets to create your own stacked storage system.



Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas Shelves

13. Pull in furniture meant for other rooms; a repainted kitchen hutch adds tons of character to this bathroom.

14. Grab every last inch of storage room you can find by building shelving to fit awkward or small areas.

15. Install a shelf over the door for stockpiled items; use pretty baskets to keep things out of sight.

16. Turn an old drawer on its side to create a shelf unit, use the knobs to hang things.

17. In older homes, the space between the studs can be used to create recessed shelving areas.



Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas for Wet Towels

18. On old coat rack fits perfectly into tight corners and is great for hanging damp towels.

19. Utilize the back of the bathroom door to add towel racks.

20. Purchase a hotel towel rack to stack your towels.

21. This old chair back was turned upside down and found new life as a towel rack and shelf.

22. Hooks on the wall make it easy to hang towels up so that they can dry; the lower one is for the bathmat.



Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

23. A piece of galvanized steel in the back of this medicine cabinet makes it easy to use magnetic hooks and tins.

24. Take advantage of corners in small rooms by using a plant stand as a storage caddy.

25. Change out that false drawer front for a tilt out drawer and find hidden storage.

26. Paint terra-cotta pots to hold cotton balls, cotton swabs and other toiletries.

27. An over-the-door shoe holder works great in the bathroom to hold hair styling tools and accessories.

28. Re-purpose a wine rack to hold towels and other items.

Hope you enjoyed these bathroom storage ideas. I’d love to hear your comments!





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  1. 13

    Johanna says

    I LOVED this post. I just discovered your website from something I saw on Pinterest. I have to say that I was sitting in my office when I saw the idea of using the wine rack for towels and I literally said outloud “That’s genious!” LOL I love wine racks but I don’t care to drink, so I never bought one…but THAT is now seriously the next thing on my list! 🙂

    • 14

      Peggy Pardo says

      Thank you, Johanna. So happy you enjoyed the post. Hope you discover more great ideas on the blog. Looking forward to hearing from you again! 🙂