Family House Rules

Family house rules are what help keep our home running in organized chaos as opposed to, say, running amok. I use the term organized chaos, because that’s probably the most we can strive for without a staff of 7 or having Martha Stewart move in and run things. In our house, the list of family house rules isn’t the pirate’s code where it “is more what you’d call “guidelines” than actual rules*.” Nope.  We stand by these. When you really stop and think about it, they’re just examples of plain old-fashioned consideration towards the other members of the household. I think that type of consideration for others is always in fashion. It’s like taking the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and spelling things out. These rules are simple, straightforward and get right to the point. I’m sure you’ve seen similar versions of this before, but I think we can always use a little reminder.

Family House Rules


Family House Rules
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*Yes. The pirate’s code quote is from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. I love those movies!

Do you have any family rules you think should be added to this list? Just add them in the comments section. I love your comments and look forward to reading them!

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    Peggy, You had the best list family house rules on “google images” so I shared on my blog with credit & link back to this page. Let me know if you’d like to do some guest blogging.

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      Peggy Pardo says

      Thank you so much, Tina. So happy you shared the list with your readers. And I’d love to talk with you about guest blogging! 🙂