Great Ways to Decorate with a Folding Screen

A folding screen can be a decorator’s secret weapon. They bring so much style to a room. But they can also serve a very practical purpose. They’re a decorative way to conceal just about anything you don’t want seen. Extremely versatile, screens are a wonderful addition to any space. You can use them in so many creative and unique ways. They also make great DIY projects. (I’ll have more on that later on!) Here are few ideas on how you can use them.

  • If the front door opens up into the living room, you can use an open style screen to define the foyer area.
  • In a very large space, you can use a screen to divide the room into smaller areas. An example would be separating a great room into living and dining areas.
  • A lighter weight screen is perfect for hiding the TV, exercise equipment, office machines and file cabinets, or anything else you’d rather not have to look at all the time (especially when company comes over). When you need to use them, just move the screen.
  • In the bedroom, re-purpose a screen as a headboard.
  • Use a beautiful screen as a piece of art and hang it on the wall.

I found some lovely photos of folding screens that each illustrate a different style and use. Enjoy!

More Ideas on Decorating with a Folding Screen

Architectural Digest


Chalkboard Folding Screen



French Style Folding Screen

Delusions of Grandeur


Pink Folding Screen

Martha Stewart


Hardwood Folding Screen

Module R


Louvered Doors Folding Screen

One Kings Lane


Floral Folding Screen

Dying of Cute


Open Fretwork Folding Screen

Light Wave Laser


Vintage Art Folding Screen

Better Homes and Gardens


Blue Gold Folding Screen

Kelly Wearstler

Have you used folding screens in your home? Which one of these is your favorite?


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      I bet it’s amazing, Missi! So glad you’ve found inspiration here! You must send me a pic when you finally do something with it.

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