Kitchen Island Ideas: 30 Decorating and DIY Projects

I have some great kitchen island ideas for you today! And you have my friend  Laura Bray of Katydiddys to thank for it. On Facebook Saturday, I posted a photo of a cool DIY kitchen island I found at Apartment Therapy. (It’s number 3 on this post.) Laura commented that she is looking for a kitchen island and asked if I had any more ideas. Well, heck yes! I have plenty of fabulous kitchen island ideas!

All the kitchen islands I’m sharing with you today are movable. They’re not permanently affixed to the floor. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they couldn’t be anchored down. I just wanted to show some ideas for islands that allowed you to bring them into your kitchen without major construction. I’ve provided a variety of styles from modern to traditional, country to classic and a few in between.  They come from home decor stores, flea markets, salvage stores, and old furniture that’s been re-purposed. There are also some really cool DIY projects. I’ve provided a link to the original source, so that you can follow it through to find out more about an island or read a tutorial on how it was made.

Kitchen Island Ideas


Repurposed Furniture, Doors and Salvaged Items


Kitchen Island Ideas for decorating and DIY projects. 1

1. An old dresser-  Little Green Notebook
2. An old door – You Are Who I Am
3. An old dresser –  Apartment Therapy
4. Found on a dumpster dive –  Pieces of the Past
5. A wine barrel –  MT Tails
6. Two dressers –  Remodeling Guy
7. Made from a pallet – Beyond the Picket Fence

Steel and Metal


Kitchen Island Ideas for decorating and DIY projects. 2

8. Better Homes and Gardens
9. Two metal file cabinets –  ReadyMade
10. Steel cabinet –  Country Living
11. Metal lockers –  Design Mom
12. Apartment Therapy
13. Homes

Cabinet Style


Kitchen Island Ideas for decorating and DIY projects. 3

14. Better Homes and Gardens
15. Funk Junk Sisters
16. Better Homes and Gardens
17. A plain island that got a makeover – From My Front Porch to Yours
18. Better Homes and Gardens
19. Welcome to Heardmont

Natural Wood


Kitchen Island Ideas for decorating and DIY projects. 4

20. Ana White
21. Country Living
22. A dining table – House and Home
23. Vintage Living Lisa Luby Ryan
24. Williams-Sonoma
25. Restoration Hardward
26. Made from a fallen oak and a hand-carved
cherry log painted white – House Beautiful

Open Shelving and More


Kitchen Island Ideas for decorating and DIY projects. 5

27. Better Homes and Gardens
28. The Little Things
29. Better Homes and Gardens
30. Livet Hemma

I hope you enjoyed these kitchen island ideas. Do you have a favorite?



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    OMGosh! Thanks for posting this. It’s exactly what I’m looking for. We are doing a free standing island, so you read my mind. We are in kitchen remodel hell right now, but once I get an island, I’ll be sure to share photos with you. Thanks for answering my Facebook question!

    • 2

      Peggy Pardo says

      You’re welcome, Laura! Glad these help. Can’t wait to see your remodel photos. Thanks for giving me the inspiration for this post! :)

    • 6

      Peggy Pardo says

      You’re welcome! And thank you; glad you like the post. By the way, love your faux Roman shade, too. :)

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