Quick and Easy Paint Finishes

Decorative Paint FinishesPaint is amazing! It works its magic to update, uplift and transform. Paint is always one of the first things I think about changing when I want to bring new life to a room, piece of furniture or even worn-out accessories. I really enjoy working on DIY projects. And I love finding out about new products and paints that will help me create the look I want. In this month’s issue of Better Homes and Gardens magazine, they show us 4 decorative paints that will “give our walls, appliances, and accessories a style boost.” In case you missed it, I wanted to share them with you here on the blog.

1. Hudson Chalkboard Paint: It comes in 25 different colors so you should be able to find one no matter what your color scheme.

2. Dry-Erase Paint from Rustoleum: You can turn any surface into a dry erase board. It’s designed to work with all dry-erase markers.

3. Thomas’ Liquid Stainless Steel: Revamp that old fridge by giving it the look of modern stainless steal. It cures to a durable finish after only 2 weeks.

4. Krylon Looking Glass: Spray this on the inside of a glass jar or vase and you’ll get a mirror-like finish that looks like mercury glass.

I haven’t tried any of these products yet, but I’d like to since I have a project for each of them. I’ve added them to my to-do list and hope to get to them within the next couple of months. In the meantime if you’ve used any of these products , I’d love to hear your feedback.

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    These are awesome Peggy! It’s amazing how many wonderful products are available these days. Certainly makes us diy’ers lives easier!