Room Decorating Ideas: A Girl’s Bedroom with a Mod Vibe

It’s so much fun sharing great room decorating ideas with you. I search my sources high and low to find fabulous rooms to inspire you and illustrate the information I bring to you. I have some great sources on the interweb. And one of them is my readers! Because of this, I  want to start featuring the best of my reader’s room decorating ideas and room makeovers. I’m launching this new feature with an amazing girl’s bedroom that was decorated with a Mod 1960’s vibe. The designer for this room is Gabrielle Tibbetts and she created this room for her 10 year old daughter.

Gabrielle used her imagination and DIY skills to give her daughter a dream room any girl would love to have. Bright blue and green walls, and white furniture set the stage for a rainbow of vibrant colors. Cool accents include sixties inspired peace signs, shag rugs and hanging beads. In the center of it all, bringing in some glitz and glamour, is a beautiful chandelier. Gabrielle has created areas for sleeping, reading, studying and hanging with friends. There is a bathroom en suite that also gets the colorful Mod treatment. It’s said that design is in the details and Gabrielle hasn’t missed a single one!

Room Decorating Ideas: A Girl’s Bedroom with a Mod Vibe


Room Decorating Ideas Girls Mod Bedroom 1

This side of the room features the bed, a sitting area, closet and storage.

Room Decorating Ideas Girls Mod Bedroom 2

On the opposite side is a desk area for studying.

Room Decorating Ideas Girls Mod Bedroom 3

Between the two areas are a bookcase and armoire for storage.

Room Decorating Ideas Girls Mod Bedroom 4

Cabinets were hung over the dresser for additional storage.

Room Decorating Ideas Girls Mod Bedroom 5

Beneath the loft bed is the perfect spot for relaxing with a friend.

Behind the scenes info about the loft bed area:

  • Part of being a designer is knowing how to overcome obstacles. Gabrielle hadn’t realized that when you have a loft bed you can see the bottom of the mattress.  So she bought some wainscoting and had it cut to size to make a “ceiling”. You can see the wainscoting above the feather lamp.
  • Gabrielle made the feather lamp shade from 2 boas she found that had all the colors of the room in them. She then took plastic crystal-like necklaces and strung them through the bottom of the lamp shade.
  • To create the chest, Gabrielle covered a cushion with a shag blanket from Walmart. She attached it to a frame she made out of wood. She had the image printed up and mounted it on thick foam core board; then glued it to the frame.

Room Decorating Ideas Girls Mod Bedroom 6

The closet doors. (My favorite!)

What’s behind the closet doors? Gabrielle had the doors made, but she decorated them using a black paint pen to draw the lines free hand. She carefully chose the words and designed them on the computer, trying to mimick the black border from the closet. Then she printed them on sticker paper. Finally, she decopauged them on the door so they would stay. The doors used to have curtains in them that matched the room, but she removed those so she could display her daughter’s jewelry in the cute Little Black Tee Jewelry Organizers she found at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Room Decorating Ideas Girls Mod Bedroom 7

The Mod theme continues to the en suite bathroom.

Room Decorating Ideas Girls Mod Bedroom 8

The fancy chandelier, another cozy sitting spot and the organized study area.

Gabrielle isn’t a professional interior decorator…yet. But if she starts creating beautiful rooms like this one for her friends, I think she going to have lots of happy clients! Thank you, Gabrielle! I’ve really appreciate your allowing me to share this fantastic room with my readers.

Do you have a room that you’ve decorated and would like to have featured on The Decorating Files? Send me an email with photos and I’ll consider it for a future post.

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      Peggy Pardo says

      Thanks for stopping by Eileen! That closet door is amazing, isn’t it? Gabrielle did such a fantastic job on this room!

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      Peggy Pardo says

      I know what you mean! My daughter is grown up too and she said she would have loved this room when she was 10.

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      Peggy Pardo says

      That it is! It’s a very fun room. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment!

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      Peggy Pardo says

      They’re one of my favorite things in the room, Cheryl! I love the Tee Jewelry holders she used in the “windows”, too!