Thrifty Thursday’s Cheap Decorating Ideas Week 3

Get ready for some cheap decorating ideas; it’s Thrifty Thursday! I started this series out as Thursday’s Thrifty Three. But there are so many great ideas out there in blogland that I didn’t want to limit it to just 3 each week. That’s why it’s now called Thrifty Thursday. I found 7 cool ideas to share with you today. If you follow the links in numbers 2-7, there are great tutorials for those projects. Enjoy!

Cheap Decorating Ideas

1. Create a memento board by wrapping twine around a lampshade in a crosswise pattern. Then use it to tuck in pictures and special notes.

Cheap Decorating Ideas: Wrap twine around a lampshade in a crosswise pattern to turn it into a memento board for pictures and notes.

Better Homes and Gardens

2. This is such a fun idea. Diane at In My Own Style took an old dresser and completely updated the look. After painting it and adding embellishments to the handles, she used Mod Podge to attach typography style gift-wrap paper to the top. There are so many fabulous gift-wrapping paper designs, the possibilities are endless!

Cheap Decorating Ideas: Update an old dresser by painting it, adding an embellishment to the drawers and using Mod Podge to attach interesting gift-wrap paper to the top.

In My Own Style

3. Here’s another project that is quick and easy. Katie at Creatively Living wrapped large wine jugs in twine and added stenciled numbers to make some fun vases. I love how she only wrapped the top and bottom, but you could easily do the whole thing.

Cheap Decorating Ideas: Make unique vases by wrapping large wine jugs in twine and adding stenciled numbers.

Creatively Living

4. No room for a large fire pit? Create your own personal one out of a metal planter and cheap glass frames like Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff. It’s easy, inexpensive and looks cool too!

Cheap Decorating Ideas: No room for a large fire pit? Create your own personal one out of a metal planter and cheap glass frames.

The Art of Doing Stuff

5. Decorative balls look fabulous stacked in a basket or vase. They can get pretty expensive, though. Elyse over at Six Sisters Stuff decided to make her own. Using twine, hot glue, moss and some Styrofoam balls from the craft store she created her own custom decorative balls. They’re quite easy to make.

Cheap Decorating Ideas: Create the look of expensive decorative balls by hot gluing twine or moss to Styrofoam balls.

Six Sisters Stuff

6. Large mirrors look fabulous, but can have quite a price tag. Not when you make you’re own. For $15, Ashley from Shanty 2 Chic turned a plain Walmart mirror into a stylish over-sized one using plywood and a little stain. It looks just as nice as the ones you find in the expensive home decor stores.

Cheap Decorating Ideas: Make an over-sized framed mirror for a lot less than the home decor stores using a cheap mirror, plywood and a bit of stain. It's that easy!

Shanty 2 Chic

7. Here’s a fun project you can do in minutes. According to Livvy at 86 Lemons, these stylish coasters she created only took about 15 minutes to complete. And it’s so easy. All you do is add shelf paper to inexpensive coasters and you completely change the look.

Cheap Decorating Ideas: Add shelf liner to inexpensive coasters for a stylish new look.

86 Lemons

I hope you liked today’s cheap decorating ideas. Do you have a favorite?


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      Peggy Pardo says

      You’re welcome, Sarah. Let me know how your mini fire pit turns out. I may try that one myself. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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    Oh I’m so glad I visited today. I’m seriously inspired by your ideas. That dresser is amazing. I love all the ideas. That’s so much!

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      Peggy Pardo says

      You’re welcome, Holly! So happy that you’re finding inspiration here! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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    There is no way that I could choose just 1!! Love the dresser, that sounds like it was fun to do! Love the mini fire pit, that would be fun too. And that mirror!!! Awesome!!

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      Peggy Pardo says

      Sounds like you better start getting busy Melanie! 😉 Glad you found some inspiration!!