Tabletop Tuesday: Fall Table Setting Ideas Week 4

Fall Table Setting Ideas Week 4. This series is flying by! I can’t believe it’s already week four. That means Thanksgiving is just a little over 2 weeks away. Have you started thinking about how you’re going to decorate your table yet? I’ve been having so much finding beautiful tables settings to share with you. I can’t wait to put my own together! Today’s setting combines vintage and modern elements with an unexpected color palette to create a low-cost, luxurious table setting.

Fall Table Setting Ideas

Featured in Lonny Magazine, DIY experts Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kochar brought together an eclectic mix of flatware, dishes, glassware and found objects to create a setting that is bold and contemporary. Yet it still maintains a vintage vibe. The first thing about this table that caught my eye is the use of blue. It shows that you don’t have to buy all new dishes and glassware in fall colors. You can work with what you have and still design a beautiful table.

Table Top Tuesday: Fall Table Setting Ideas Week 4

There are several elements that make this table so special. Here are a few tips from the designers:

  • Tableware doesn’t have to match. They’ve mixed-and-matched 2 different styles. You can also mix metals like putting silver with gold.
  • Use metallic paint to give inexpensive items a high-end look. Bird figurines purchased at a local craft store were painted with shimmering gold paint. They look right at home next to the antique dishes.
  • Make everyone feel special and help them to find their seat by using place cards. Small pumpkins were painted with gold paint. Then each guest’s name was written on craft paper that was fastened to the stem.
  • Give your linens a new look by dyeing them. Plain white linens were soaked in royal blue fabric dye for 10 minutes and then hung to dry. This freshens them up and helps hide stains.
  • Change the shades on chandeliers to coordinate with your holiday color scheme. This is one of those small details that have a big impact.

I hope you enjoyed today’s table setting idea. Be sure to check out the other festive Thanksgiving table setting ideas I’ve found for you so far.


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    I love all these settings Peggy! The tablecloth in this one really adds a nice design element to the overall look. So many tablecloths are solid, but this one really makes a statement. The chandelier shades are a great touch too!