Princess Rooms: Glamour For Any Age

Most little girls have at some point in their lives dreamed about having their own princess room. What is a princess room exactly? It is a space that is feminine, romantic, and incredibly special to its royal occupant. (Because we are the rulers of our spaces, correct?) Every girl’s definition of a princess room is a little different, but they all have the same general theme which I would describe as “glamorous femininity.” I had a lot of fun looking for princess rooms that fit this bill and I found some beautiful ones for every age: child, teenager, and adult. They all have their own personality and flair so hopefully one (or many) will inspire the princess in you.

Princess Rooms

1 This room located at Versailles in Paris, France couldn’t be more fitting for a princess. The sheen on the chairs’ fabric adds an extra touch of glamour and the lush curtains framing the bed create a grand a effect.

Princess Rooms: Glamour For Any Age | Decorating Files | DecoratingFiles.comHappeemonkey via Etsy

2 I love the exquisite pink canopy in this sweet little girl’s bedroom. The pink and white striped wallpaper mimics the fabric on the canopy and the simplicity of the bedding keeps it elegant.

Princess Rooms: Glamour For Any Age | Decorating Files | DecoratingFiles.comVeranda
Photographer: Francesco Lagnese

3 A large, pretty stencil is a fabulous way to create a dreamy look like the one in this little girl’s room. Canopy beds are always a sure way to create a look fit for a princess, even on a daybed.

Princess Rooms: Glamour For Any Age | Decorating Files | DecoratingFiles.comSerena and Lilly

4 Even the grown-up contemporary girl can have a beautiful princess room of her own. By incorporating a luxurious pink fabric in clever spots (the bed coronet, curtains, and a few pillows) against a neutral background, the space is sophisticated without being overwhelmingly girly. A chandelier is always sure to bring some glamour, too.

Princess Rooms: Glamour For Any Age | Decorating Files | DecoratingFiles.comPalm Design Group

5 For a hip teenager, the princess feel can be subtly added through soft touches of pink and thoughtful elements like the simple canopy, detailed mirror above the bed, and the flowy light fixture.

Princess Rooms: Glamour For Any Age | Decorating Files | DecoratingFiles.comDesigner: Lily Z

6 This industrial chic princess room could easily stay with a girl from childhood to adulthood with some minor changes of accessories. The tufted headboard and ornate bed looks vintage and pops beautifully against that sea foam green wall.

Princess Rooms: Glamour For Any Age | Decorating Files | DecoratingFiles.comDecor8 Blog
Photographer: Karina Manghi

7 Princess rooms don’t always have to include pink. Take this beautiful, mature bedroom full of soft neutrals. The star pieces in this space are the amazing light fixture and crown coronet.

Princess Rooms: Glamour For Any Age | Decorating Files | DecoratingFiles.comFreshome

8 This romantic bedroom boasts a gorgeous bed coronet in soft, muted tones. The wallpaper may be a bit much for some, but the space definitely captures a dreamy quality.

Princess Rooms: Glamour For Any Age | Decorating Files | DecoratingFiles.comScalamandre by Brian Coleman

9By creating an alcove in this precious space and raising up the bed, the decorator has created lots of valuable storage. Finishing it off with some satin pink fabric gives it some princess flair.

Princess Rooms: Glamour For Any Age | Decorating Files | DecoratingFiles.comHGTV
Designer: Jeanne Benner

10Another perfect example showing a princess room doesn’t have to include any pink. This little girl’s room can easily transition her from child to teen. That canopy is amazing!

Princess Rooms: Glamour For Any Age | Decorating Files | DecoratingFiles.comHouse of Turquoise
Photographer: François Halard

Would you or one of your daughters love to have a princess room like one of these? If so, which one would be your (or her) dream room?

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  1. 1

    Nancy says

    Thanks for sharing these Peggy. In our New Home for my Granddaughters I am creating a Princess Room for them. Their Toys, Beds for overnight stays the whole shabang ‘Princess’. I want it to be a dream room that little Princess’s think about. It has really been fun creating!!

    Thanks for sharing Peggy~
    Huggs, Nancy

    • 2

      Peggy Pardo says

      Your welcome, Nancy. The room sounds beautiful! I’m sure they are going to love it! 🙂

  2. 3


    I’ve always loved canopies, but I am not a huge fan of coronets for some reason. When it comes to canopies, go big or go home. I suppose that’s why the second one is my fav. Plus, I love stripes :).

  3. 5


    I love the colors of all of these rooms! I created the Color911 app which so many people are using… and seeing all of these colorful rooms is so inspiring. A great post!

  4. 7


    Those are truly rooms for a princess. As you know both of my boys just got married this year and I am forever telling them I need a princess lol. I love each of the rooms!
    The Adored Home