The Style Continues with Decorating Files!

Happy New Year and hello again! I know what you’re probably thinking: “It’s been almost 10 months; where have you been?!” I started this blog in May of 2012 and have enjoyed everything about it since that time. However, sometimes too much of a good thing…well, you know the saying. It was time for a little break. What started out as a two week hiatus, somehow kept getting longer and longer. My break covered all things blog related, including social media. I was pretty much unplugged for all those months. During that time, I started thinking hard on what I wanted to do with Decorating Files. There was still so much I wanted to share with you, but I wanted to improve upon how I was doing it.

Decorating Files Ideas

New for 2016 at Decorating Files

For 2016, I want to take the best of Decorating Files, make it fresh & new, add more of what you love, and then top it off with a whole lot of new content and ideas. I’ll have some new eBooks available for you in January and others in the works, too. There will also be more free printables, stylish DIY, entertaining & organizing ideas, and of course, endless decorating tips! Plus something really special is planned for the first half of this year…fingers crossed that there are no delays! 😉

I want to thank all of you for following me on Decorating Files. I’ve loved hearing your comments; especially when you’ve told me what I’ve written has helped you in some way. That’s the reason I started this blog. With the new Decorating Files, I plan to cover more interior design, organizing, and entertaining, maybe a little fashion and travel thrown in to the mix, and some stylish DIY projects. I want to help you create a life and home that will inspire you every day.

Starting next week, I will begin posting again on a regular basis. I’m so excited to be back to work on Decorating Files!! I look forward to hearing from you and hope you continue to visit. It’s going to be a blast!


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    Welcome back Peggy! I can completely understand & relate to your unplugging concept & have done a little of that myself with OC. No more ecommerce for us, just focusing on the Blog going forward & only when the mood strikes. Happy 2016, can’t wait to be in touch! XO

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      Hi Laurie! So happy to hear from you. It’s good to be back; I was ready for it. Looking forward to chatting with you. Happy 2016 to you! 🙂

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    Welcome back Peggy! We all need that! It’s great to take a break, to recharge and get a new perspective. Looking forward to your informative and helpful post! Happy New Year!