Color of the Month: Steel Blue

Color of the Month: Steel Blue | Decorating Files | #steelblue #lightblue #icyblue #couture

A bit belated from me, but─ Happy New Year! How’s your 2015 shaping up so far? I hope well. This is my first post of 2015, so let’s get it started off with a new post series, Color of the Month, where we will be giving some attention to a (you guessed it) new color every […]

Home Tour: Diane Keaton’s Spanish Colonial Residence

Home Tour: Diane Keaton's Spanish Colonial Residence | #rustic #interiordesign #hollywoodhome

Some homes have a personality that is uniquely their own. There is unexpected charm and character waiting around every corner. Such is the truth with actress Diane Keaton’s Beverly Hills Spanish Colonial residence, built in the early-1920s by architect Ralph Flewelling. The actress is known for having her own sense of style and she has stayed […]

Get Your Christmas DIY On

Get Your Christmas DIY On | Decorating Files | #christmas #decor #holidays #DIY

Christmas and DIY go together like milk and cookies. Bees and honey. Ross and Rachel. They are just meant to be. For someone who loves both Christmas and DIY projects, this holiday season is full of inspiration. You would need more than just a month to do every awesome project that’s out there. From homemade ornaments […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Decorating Files

We are so thankful for our readers and all the joy having this blog has brought us. We hope you all have a beautiful holiday with your family and friends! ♥

Holiday Style Guide: What to Wear on Thanksgiving

Holiday Style Guide: What to Wear on Thanksgiving | Comfortable Chic. | #sweatpants #whitetop #stilettos #gold #leopard #fashion

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. (Yum!) After all the menu planning and table decorating, there is one big decision left to conquer: what to wear. As usual, there are factors such as where the event is being held, how much standing or walking that may be required, and how comfortable you want to be. For a holiday that is quite […]