Color Scheme: Tips on Creating a Successful Color Scheme

Color Scheme: Tips on Creating a Successful Color Scheme | Decorating Files |

The quickest way to change the look of a room is with a new paint color. It’s usually one of the first things people think about when moving into a home or updating a room. And can sometimes be the most challenging decision. Choosing the right color doesn’t have to be difficult. Even though there aren’t […]

Blue Dining Room: 12 Ideas for Inspiration

Blue Dining Room: 12 Ideas for Inspiration | Decorating Files |

Blue is the world’s favorite color. There are shades to fit every mood and it’s liked by both men and woman. Recently, I took you on a tour of a Florida vacation home that was decorated around the color blue. Now I want to focus on one room in particular – the dining room. For your […]

Paint Projects: 5 Ideas for Leftover Paint

Paint Projects: 5 Ideas for Leftover Paint | Decorating Files |

Are you ready for some fun paint projects that will help you to use up all your leftover paint? I was looking through some past issues of HGTV Magazine – which I love, by the way – and found something I thought you would enjoy. At the end of the magazine, there’s a feature called […]

Green Paint Colors: Favorite Picks from Designers

Green Paint Colors: Favorite Picks from Designers | The Decorating Files |

Do you like the color green? Last week I shared with you some fabulous rooms decorated in the color green. Today, I have a color chart that lists the favorite green paint colors of tops designers as featured in House Beautiful Colors for Your Home.  Before we get to that, I have a few interesting […]

Green Rooms: Inspiration for Adding Color to Your Home

Green is a powerful color. It is the color of nature and symbolizes freshness, stability, and life. Green is getting a lot of attention this year because emerald was dubbed the Pantone Color of the Year 2013, but I think all shades of green deserve some love because they all offer something special, especially when layered […]

Take Five: An Interview with David Bromstad

An Interview with David Bromstad: White and turquoise living room

David Bromstad is the wildly popular and vivacious host of HGTV’s Color Splash and  HGTV Star. And he was the first-season winner of HGTV’S Design Star. He is more than just a designer, though. He is first an artist. Because of this, he has a way of looking at a space and transforming it into […]

Turquoise Room: Fabulous Ideas and Inspiration

Turquoise Room: Dining room

Turquoise is one of those colors that looks amazing with almost any other color on the color wheel. It also looks fabulous with just about every neutral. The fact that it compliments so many colors is one of the reasons it’s so popular. Earlier this year I shared some gorgeous turquoise room ideas with you. But […]

David Bromstad Talks About Color, Color, Color

Purple artwork and mercury glass vignette designed by David Bromstad

David Bromstad knows color and he’s not afraid to use it! And even better news for all of us, he’s not afraid to share his knowledge! David was the winner of the first HGTV Design Star. He’s now the captivating and creative designer and host of his own show on HGTV, Color Splash. He also […]

Decorating with Color: Red, White and Blue

Decorating with Color: Red, White and Blue - Batik prints in red, white and blue in an island style bedroom.

Decorating with color is easy when you have the right inspiration.  In honor of our upcoming Memorial Day, I thought it would be fun to share some fabulous rooms decorated in red, white and blue. Decorating with Color: Red, White and Blue The dynamic and bold color palette of red, white, and blue has always been […]

DIY Projects: 5 Ways to Get Creative Using Paint

DIY Projects Using Paint: You can find these inexpensive, plastic door mirrors at any discount store. It's so easy to transform them into glamorous mirrors with a trendy X-pattern. All it takes is a piece of MDF, a little molding and some metallic paint. Upcycled Door Mirror Tutorial

Decorating your home is fun with creative DIY projects. You already know about the power of paint in transforming a home. Paint also makes for the most fun DIY projects.  Today,  I have 5 new DIY projects to share with you and each one of them involves using paint of some kind. DIY Projects Using Paint […]