Hotel Tour: J.K. Place, Capri

Like many of us, I have a long list of places I dream of traveling to, but my bank account doesn’t always play along. That’s when I let my fingers do the walking. Italy is one of the places at the top of my list and within that, there are so many charming cities and […]

Home Tour: French Charm Meets Hollywood Glamour

Parisian character and old Hollywood glamour were practically made to go together. They are two of my favorite styles, as both have a timeless essence that is elegant and chic. So, when I came across this home tour of a Hollywood gem renovated with French style on the mind, I instantly fell in love. This home captures both […]

Home Tour: Diane Keaton’s Spanish Colonial Residence

Home Tour: Diane Keaton's Spanish Colonial Residence | #rustic #interiordesign #hollywoodhome

Some homes have a personality that is uniquely their own. There is unexpected charm and character waiting around every corner. Such is the truth with actress Diane Keaton’s Beverly Hills Spanish Colonial residence, built in the early-1920s by architect Ralph Flewelling. The actress is known for having her own sense of style and she has stayed […]

Home Tour: Rustic California Bungalow

Home Tour: Rustic California Bungalow | Decorating Files | #interior #blue #vintage

One of my favorite winners from HGTV Design Star is the adorable Emily Henderson. As a designer and stylist, she has a creative eye for infusing any space with character and charm. Her aesthetic often has a rustic flair and makes use of vintage accents to make each space feel warm and unique. You can definitely see her influence […]

Wanderlust: Hotel Tour of Shangri-La Paris

Like many, Paris is at the top of my list of Places I Must See. I actually have a friend who is lucky enough to live there and she tells me it is as magical as it seems. Hopefully some day, I will get a chance to witness its magic myself. In the meantime, I […]

Home Tour: Jensen Ackles’ Malibu Mansion

Home Tour: Jensen Ackles's Malibu Mansion | Decorating Files | #hometour #coastal

Celebrity home tours are always fun because they give you a peak into what is often unique and luxurious living. One of my all-time favorites has come to us recently. Jensen Ackles, star of the TV show Supernatural (one of our favorites), recently put his Malibu home on the market and we were gifted with stunning […]

Blue Rooms: Tour a Florida Home with Enduring Charm

Blue Rooms: Tour a Fabulous Florida Vacation Home | Decorating Files |

Do you love the casual, relaxed feel of coastal style design? It’s one of my favorites. That’s one of the reasons I love to check out what’s happening at Coastal Living. While there, I found this amazing home tour with the most inviting blue rooms. I just had to share it with you. The interior design for […]

Cottage Style Homes: East Hampton Home Tour

Cottage Style Homes: Fabulous cottage style home in East Hampton, New York

My daughter and I were discussing different design styles the other day. As an interior decorator, I have the opportunity to work with all different styles. It’s one of my favorite things about the job. My daughter and I both agreed that we really like the look of cottage style homes. With that on my mind, […]